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10:13pm 12/10/2009
  I know I haven't posted in months but I'm too excited.

CTV isn't showing Defying Gravity anymore, so I couldn't watch it online. SPACE is though, and SPACE is Canadian owned and has it online.

Goodness I may have to stay up late tonight and watch at least Ep 10. Too bad I'm in Oswego all next week and won't be able to watch until I return to Canada.

Defying Gravity <3

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On February, gardens, reading, and keeping in touch   
09:15pm 24/02/2009
  What is about February that makes it such an awful month? Is it the difficult spelling, the never ending winter weather that lacks even hopes of spring, is it that even though I have a boyfriend I don't get to celebrate Valentine's Day because he thinks it is a crap holiday? How about the fact that it has the fewest days, but never seems to end.

Maybe I'm just lonely, and need to wait till the end of March to have vacation, summer to go camping, and Easter to go home again. Good thing February is over at the end of the week. Hopefully March will bring spring quickly so that I can do my gardening. I'm so unbelievably excited to have my own garden this year. I already planted tomatoes and green peppers at Ajae's house and if I hadn't forgotten the seeds there I would have them planted here too.

I'm waiting for my Megavideo forced pause to be up so that I can go back to watching old Scrubs episodes. I was going to read, but I find it hard to read in front of the computer. At the same time, I have no one to talk books with anymore... and reading seems to have died so that I can sit online and talk sporadically to Ajae, Leah, and Ivy. So I watch a lot more TV now, which makes me sad... it an odd kind of way since I really do like the shows that I watch. Most of them are pretty story based (like House or Bones) and others let me keep up with the major events of the economic crisis (The Daily Show). I do miss reading though, and having someone to talk books with. I should find a book club, but I hate going out at night when it is really cold... I haven't even been going to the Y although I have kept up working out at work.

I've been asked a bunch of times by various older adults if I miss school yet. I keep saying no, but I really do miss the people. I feel like no one (other than Ivy, Leah, and Ajae) has put any effort into keeping in touch, and I don't feel like trying if others aren't interested. My mother pointed out on the phone the other night that she had very few friends at her wedding. She and my dad married a long time after they graduated, and had drifted away from most of their school friends (each of their best friend being the exception). My mom had made new friends while she was living in the Pas, but they couldn't afford to come to Belleville for the wedding. She was saying that she thought the internet might result in bigger weddings since you keep in touch with more people, but honestly people don't seem to put the effort in anymore. It's like 'haha! I found you on facebook, now I will add you, we will talk a couple of times and then never again!' I'm not saying that I'm not guilty of this... but I do wish that it wasn't the case.

That's partly why I started writing people. I have two people that I send letters to every so often and I would always enjoy having more. c'mon people, if I don't have someone to talk to what will Ajae and I talk about?!?

I may just start talking to you all at random... just to see who keeps the dialog open, and who has already given up.

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08:57am 15/01/2009
  Found on: http://bl.net/forwards/psychtest.html
My answers are in bold below the questions. No offense but I thought of a china teacup first.

Have a pen and paper handy before you read any further. As soon as you read a question, write the answer right away.

Make sure to answer questions 1-10 before moving on...NO CHEATING!!

Read the following questions, imagining the scenes in your mind, and write down the FIRST thing that you visualize. Do not think about the questions excessively.

1. You are not alone. You are walking in the woods. Who are you walking with?

2. You are walking in the woods. You see an animal. What kind of animal is it?

3. What interaction takes place between you and the animal?

4. You walk deeper in the woods. You enter a clearing and before you is your dream house. Describe its size?

5. Is your dream house surrounded by a fence?

6. You enter the house. You walk to the dining area and see the dining room table. Describe what you see on AND around the table.

7. You exit the house through the back door. Lying in the grass is a cup. What material is the cup made of?

8. What do you do with the cup?

9. You walk to the edge of the property, where you find yourself standing at the edge of a body of water. What type of body of water is it?

10. How will you cross the water?

It runs away
Centerpiece, candles, lace cloth, wooden chairs, fireplace
Pick it up and take it with me
Small Lake

This has been a relational psychology test. The answers given to the questions have been shown to have a relevance to values and ideals that we hold in our personal lives. The analysis follows:

1. The person who you are walking with is the most important person in your life.

2. The size of the animal is representative of your perception of the size of your problems.

3. The severity of the interaction you have with the animal is representative of how you deal with your problems. (passive/aggressive)

4. The size of your dream house is representative of the size of your ambition to resolve your problems.

5. No fence is indicative of an open personality. People are welcome at all times. The presence of a fence indicates a closed personality. You'd prefer people not to drop by unannounced.

6. If your answer did not include food, people, or flowers, then you are generally unhappy.

7. The durability of the material with which the cup is made of is representative of the perceived durability of your relationship with the person named in number 1. For example, styrafoam, plastic, and paper are all disposable, styrofoam, paper and glass are not durable, and metal and plastic are durable.

8. Your disposition of the cup is representative of your attitude towards the person in number 1.

9. The size of the body of water is representative of the size of your sexual desire.

10. How wet you get in crossing the water is indicative of the relative importance of your sex life.

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"This is what my Dad would be driving if he had like five jobs or something."   
03:00pm 13/01/2009
  It's been a good week thus far. Renting a car for the weekend because of the OC Transpo bus strike meant that Ajae and I got some errands done and I got a tall lamp for my apartment at Ikea. We also went to the Museum of Nature and saw Ajae's brother. Ajae really wants a car and we are contemplating buying one, if we can find one we can afford and that we both like. That's right kids, I'll be learning to drive again!

A couple of things that you all should know!
1. This journal now also posts on Facebook. You can read it there or here currently. Due to my paranoia about people on the internet you CANNOT search me on Facebook if you aren't already my friend. The results you get aren't me. If you would like to be added as a friend on Facebook please let me know in a comment below and I'll find you! Even my Aunt has Facebook, so if you don't then you are less cool than my Aunt. (She's pretty cool btw, but I needed some way of making fun of people that aren't addicted to Facebook yet.) This journal may soon make it's way into being Friends Only. I think that everyone on here that doesn't have a LJ account does have Facebook, and anyone without Facebook I believe has a LJ account. If this is not correct PLEASE let me know.

2. In doing some research at work I came across a couple of articles that I find interesting. http://yworking.com/technology/twitters-place-at-work/ and http://yworking.com/news/is-your-business-cool/ specifically. The whole blog is interesting but I want to talk about the Twitter thing briefly. Twitter, I've been told, is the next big thing. Unfortunately I think it's a headache and a half but apparently that what everyone things when they start using it, I hear from the same people. I love this idea of using it for asking questions, the limited character count keeps things short and sweet. Things that need long answers are better talked about in person anyways. I also like it for Open Innovation as a conversation starter. Go on post your idea SUMMARIZED and then start the meeting process and the idea exchange in a different forum. Names are logged so that people get the credit for starting an idea and it is open concept. Maybe you never thought that Bob could help you with this idea but he has been building exactly what you need in his garage for years as a hobby. This allows him to see your problem or solution and offer his help without having to sign up to all the discussion forums that work offers and spend hours checking them every day.

I'm not that fond of Twitter, but I'm starting to think that I should try it out.

3. I'm on a search for pen pals! I love writing letters, and I might make you personalized cards if I'm feeling creative. I also get sad that I never get any mail that isn't bills or junk mail. If you would like to start a written snail mail conversation with me either comment or send me an e-mail. opi _ c at hotmail dot com. Obviously I will still talk to you about the day to day things online if you like, but you'll get something different (I hope) in the letters. I hope that when I become rich and famous that these letters will sell for lots of money on EBay... benefiting you, the pen pal.

4. I love Douglas Coupland. I'm reading Microserfs right now... which is like jPod only earlier and a little differnt. My dream Jeopardy board would be:
-Robertson Davies novels
-Internet Fads
-Generation Y
-Arthurian Era
-Lord of the Rings
-Excel Use and Abuse
-Killing time at work

Much love to you all, especially you Douglas Coupland.

Also my new favourite term of the day is Boreout... which I suffer from on alternating weeks.

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"And that's why you need to propose to Opal right now! I want to go to another wedding!"   
01:25pm 05/01/2009
  Oh Leah, you're hilarious.

So... I have nothing to do for the rest of the afternoon, and I forgot my book at home this morning. Not that I really had a book to read. I think me and my Chapter's gift certificates are going to take a walk tonight and remedy that.
So let's see if I can bring you all up to speed on somethings that I've been thinking about. I'll keep your friend's page tidy with the use of lj-cuts, but please be sure to read the HOBBIES part, if nothing else.

2008Collapse )

Hobbies, which I originally spelt HoobiesCollapse )
Being Erica and Internet TVCollapse )

On Random Little ThingsCollapse )

Happy New Year everyone!

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"Oh so you didn't quit!... Wait you're not Ana....So did Ana quit?" "No, just gone for the holidays"   
09:16am 24/12/2008
  Possibly the nicest comment I've ever gotten on the xkcd feed.

So anyhoo! Happy Holidays to all of you! Especially those friends of mine that are currently in transit and in need of a little luck for planes, trains, and automobiles to arrive at their destinations safely tonight. I will be on my train at 2:40, hopefully sitting beside a cute boy named Ajae. (Hopefully VIA will help us have a romantic train ride together since we are getting on at different stations.)

I'm at work until noon, and my computer here got a virus so they took it away. I'm in someone else's cubicle but I can't get at my mail etc. That and I don't have anything to do anyways... except for work on a presentation that I need to start doing interviews for, and no one is here anyways.

So random thought of the morning; when did the Globe and Mail stop publishing their Christmas Crossword. Seriously, that was like the one thing that my sisters and I could work on over the holidays and not fight about. Okay, not the only thing, but very close to it. I would write, cause I could spell the best and they would tell me answers as they got them. Our parents would help where they could, and it was a whole bunch of fun! Damn you Globe and Mail for taking away one of my favourite Christmas traditions!

Ummm also lj tells me that it has been a while since my last update, but honestly everything is still the same. I'm still rotating, working out a lot, sleeping little, and missing a cute guy who is in Ottawa.

Also I am becoming more and more aware that very few people read this, as proven by the fact that I frequently have to tell people where I work, or what I do, or what's been happening. (Answers: Novelis, Foundation Trainee, Nothing.) I'm going to keep the journal, but I fully expect to update it less and less. I still read everyone's entries daily though, so please don't stop updating yours! And watch for the random post when something exciting happens.

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"And to be honest I look forward to your reports more than anyone else's."   
10:09am 11/11/2008
  So at the early hour of 10:09am I have finished my work for the day. Admittedly I have been here since 8am, but 2 hours != 7.5 hours. I did get the report done and sent out though.

I'm planning on using the rest of the day to catch up on my word count.

Also I am sore from the Fitness class that work offers at lunch on Mondays and Wednesdays. I went yesterday for the first time and then didn't do Pilates, but did do Yoga, and my half hour swim last night. This of course means that I don't feel at all guilty about missing Aquafit tonight when I take Ajae out for dinner, and I don't have to do the Ab class on Wednesdays now since I can work out at lunch instead. Thank goodness, as I hated that class.

Also I had my first (in a while) low blood pressure attack yesterday. When we were done exercising and standing to do the stretches I was nauseous and dizzy. I sat down for a bit and scared everyone, but I'm fine. It's been so long since it last happened that I was really really surprised.

Ah well, on to NoWri-ing

EDIT 10:42am : Also I'd like to point out that even with the rough economic times all my friends and friends of friends that have been looking for work, have found work. Some aren't doing exactly what they were expecting, some are volunteering in their field and working another job to pay the rent, some are work on contract, and some are full-time. So a big Congrats to everyone! I think it's a great sign about how well our educations and persistence paid off that we are in this situation. And a special Congrats to the three of you that got jobs this week :D.

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10:51am 06/11/2008
  Random thought while working on NaNoWriMo:

When I was first learning to type I thought I wouldn't never be able to do it without looking down at my fingers. Even now when I conciously think about typing I look down every so often to check on them and make sure they are in the right spot, or I make a lot of mistakes.

Yesterday Mike said that I was a far better typist than he was and I laughed and said "I doubt it"

Then I realized this morning that I had typed an entire paragraph without looking down and only making a spelling mistake. I'm am impressed with myself.

Also my characters are about to play Scrabble together... mostly because I need for them to be around each other long enough to fall in love. So that the rest of the plot makes sense!

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"I know you aren't a secretary but do you have any idea where Francisco is now?"   
01:47pm 05/11/2008
  Working on report 2 of 3.

I believe that it should be a requirement punishable by death that people have to define their variables. I need to know what the hell C and alpha are to write up why the graph looks funny.

NaNoWriMo is going well except I am wasting all my words on writing reports and not on making up my story. Also I don't seem to be able to write linearly. I am jumping around in my story like a kangaroo.

Working out lots, which is fun. Ajae's birthday is coming and I have evil plans for his cake, but I haven't quite figured out how to make it.

See I'm not dead. Just busy.

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02:54pm 09/10/2008


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"Well I'm glad we actually talked to you instead of having you answer the questions in an e-mail."   
10:46pm 29/09/2008
mood: sleepy
So because it was the only way to get the questions, you get my answers. If you want to see the questions then you have to comment that you want them and agree to posting your own answers.

There don't seem to be any rules, and I am going to draw on all my friends when I answer. You may not know everyone... but that makes it all the harder to guess the questions doesn't it. I, like Kaitlyn, took the questions literally... ie "seems" means that I don't pick people I "know" are.

Also I didn't want to put people's full names since I know this journal appears on Google searches. Therefore I put just enough of your name to differentiate between you and someone else I know with the same first name.

1. Jenn Ash...
2. Leah
3. I find this very difficult... but Mark J-B will be my best answer
4. Ivy
5. Ajae's Mom
6. Vinay
7. Sarah Sulli...
8. Juliane
9. Ajae
10. Ivy
11. Jude
12. Angela
13. Andrew Fal...
14. Steve
15. Margret
16. Adam
17. ummm everyone? The most? Mike Cas...
18. Ana
19. Kevin Stamp...
20. Andrea Z...
21. Matt Kus...
22. Caitlin M...
23. Ajae
24. Matt Kus...
25. I had a great answer for this... but I know he is... so Brent
26. Kevin Stamp...
27. Ajae
28. Mark J-B
29. Brian Garn...
30. Isn't it weird how some answers stay the same forever, and some I could never have answered before I met you.

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"I entered a race and it turned into a crash"   
10:59am 21/09/2008
  Things are going well... well.

Started the new job and the other trainees are fun... three more start in October, so for now we have 'busy' work.

Mike and I are researching Open Innovation, while Ana and Troy are studying e-learning. Unfortunately they gave us 3ish weeks to research and write the presentation, a presentation that they think should be about fifteen minutes. If you do the math we should be coming up with 2.5 minutes of material each, each week. So not much

Also learning about surfactants, which is actually more interesting than anything we ever studied in class... but that might just be because I like studying lubricant additives, and I find tribology actually interesting unlike anything other than Phys Chem.

have a book as well about Aluminum in general (refining, rolling, alloys etc) that I will be reading and studying soon too.

Since we might end up in Europe/Asia/South America/Quebec out of this rotation, there has been talk of getting us language tapes and us learning French, German, Spanish, Hindi, or Korean...

Once this rotation starts life will be intense at work, but until then... well feel free to write me e-mails or facebook me, and I'll reply on my breaks.

Also dreamt of Jeremey Nelson last night... apparently he has a 16inch penis. Who knew?

Thinking about joining the YMCA and doing NaNoWriMo this year. Because we all know I can't stand to be bored.

This is turning into more studying than a Master's, but at least I don't have homework!

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"Thanks for all your 'help' with the unpacking." "Hey I successfully stayed out of the way!"   
11:18am 06/09/2008
mood: cold
So I'm here and running on stolen internet.

There were a couple of adventures including running across Union to make a seven minute connection from GO to VIA, the inability to get a cab, getting to the medical when there were fences in the way, Uncle Barry getting let into the building without calling up, and driving across Wolfe island.

I'm here, and I have photos of the new apartment to put up once I get my own internet. I've found a couple new places to eat (one breakfast, one lunch/dinner), checked out the flea market, driven across Wolfe island, walked to RMC/around their campus, and completely unpacked... except my desk stuff since I don't have a desk.

My apartment feels very empty. Part of that is that this is the first time I've lived completely on my own, and partly because of the echo in my main room. Lots of phoning home and to Ajae this past week. Also lots of putting things on VISA. I want to get a big comfy chair or loveseat for the living room and a desk, but those things will have to wait till I get paid, which I reallyreally hope is Friday.

My apartment is bigger than the main floor of the last place I lived in Waterloo. It feels like too much space to myself. Maybe I will sublet the second bedroom. I'm sure that I'll get used to it though.

I just need to inform the government and TD of my change of address so that all my mail comes to the right place. I'd like to be able to vote this time, unlike last time where I couldn't prove that I lived in the right city.

If you would like to come visit, let me know and I will arrange with you a weekend... I have two bedrooms so you will have a place to sleep, despite my lack of couch.

I hope this post sounds nervous and hopeful, excited and antsy, lonely and brave... since that's how I feel about now. I'm going to read before bed for a bit.

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"Can I call you back? I'm reapolstering a chair."   
09:17am 02/09/2008
  So it's been a busy couple days... but everything is ready to go. I'm calling a cab at 10:30 to take me to the GO train, then GO to VIA, VIA to Kingston, Taxi to the apartment! I will soon be the proud renter of my own apartment. Moving truck and medical tomorrow and Aunt Sara and Uncle Barry are bringing the breakables on Thursday and staying over till Friday. Ajae shows up Friday night, and stays till Sunday. Then I start work Monday.

Needless to say, I will be out of touch for the next few days. I can be called on my cell phone, which is on facebook. (If you aren't on my facebook you have no reason to need to contact me in a rush. Unless you are Vinay, and then you should just get facebook.)

And Laura, you were right, I found plates. My mom decided I needed a house warming present.

Also sadly the teek chair that I reapolstered... after removing rusty staples the first layer of fabric, rust tacks, the second layer of fabric, and different rustly tacks, and the third layer of fabric.... My Dad can only find one of the four cross pieces that hold the seat on... so when my parents come to visit they will bring it up with them.

I am hungry now, so breakfast time!

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"You've been hanging around me too long, you think farts are funny now."   
12:01pm 25/08/2008
mood: stressed
So since last post we've travelled twice to see friends, which is excellent since Ajae and I spend way too much time alone together. Photos are now on facebook for anyone who wants to see them, and a big thanks to all of those who invited us to their weddings/parties over the entire summer.

Today is my second from last day of work for the government, so on Wednesday I hop a train back to Mississauga. Turns out I can bring two 50lb suitcases on the train so I might be bringing home more stuff than I originally thought. Which is good, since I do have a fair bit of stuff at Ajae's. I will probably be leaving Mississauga for Kingston on the second... again by train.

The moving truck shows up on the third to Mississauga, where Coral will oversee the loading. I have a medical in Kingston that morning then my stuff will arrive that afternoon. Hopefully my aunt and uncle will be coming up from Toronto on the 4th/5th and be bringing things like my keyboard and guitar that I really don't want to send in the moving truck. Since I will have my air mattress and bed at that point they will probably stay the night. Ajae... and possibly Aunt Martha will be up on the weekend. Bringing anything from Ottawa that I need. So it should all work out nicely with the converging of my stuff onto my new home. I still need to buy things like a shower curtain, dish towels, a dish drying rack, etc. Eventually I'll be getting a couch and maybe a second bed (it's a two bedroom apartment). Right now I just need all the little things in place so that I can start work on the 8th with no problems.

I don't even own plates... isn't that sad?

I am going crazy... I just want my two moves over with.

I will have moved 14 times in 5 years by the time that I arrive in Kingston. I believe that is what we call "gross".

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"Retirement sure is relaxing isn't it Grandma?"   
09:22am 30/07/2008
mood: cheerful
So can I start with a little brag? This is how awesome I am... I am currently working for the government until Aug 26th, at which time I will move to September to start my real job on Sept 8th.

Yesterday I got a call for a job interview. BOO-YA! Seriously younger Chemistry friends, getting a job in this field is way too easy. When they ask what you think your salary should be say "mid to high 40s"... don't listen to Jake and ask for 30s... they will laugh in your face!

So Saturday I (with Ajae helping) spent all morning cleaning the apartment so it was spic and span and then headed out to run some errands. Met up with my mom and Aunt Martha at Aunt Martha's house for tea and cookies and a chat. Then out to dinner with them (St. Hubert's for the win!) and back to our house for showing off our lovely apartment. Mom was tired from all her adventuring and they were heading out early on Sunday for their vacation, so they left about 7:30. Ajae and I chilled for the evening.

Sunday I woke up early and headed downtown where I flew my kite and got sunburned. Ajae showed up about noon and we went shopping for a bit then headed home to relax and make a delicious dinner.

Monday I had to be in early to present what I've been working on, then after work we headed downtown to meet up with Ajae's Grandma (the only one of his grandparents who hadn't visited yet!). Went out to dinner with her and then for a walk around parliment. I headed straight home, but Ajae stopped to make a quick visit to another friend, so I ran into Jaz at Baseline without him!

Tuesday we worked until the power went out about 1:30... then got sent home at 2:00. Chilled for a little bit then headed out again to see Ajae's Grandma and went for Indian and showed her the market, Major's Hill. Went to the Sound and Light show, which was fantastic! We left downtown about 10 and got home at 11.

Today is technically date night... but I have a feeling will turn into "clean up the kitchen night" I'm at work now and waiting for a reply to an e-mail I sent yesterday so I can do the next thing.

For Heather, or Leah, or anyone else reading this that I will be seeing this weekend.
The plan is currently to leave from work (we are renting a car) and drive to Mississauga on Friday. On Saturday we will head up to Waterloo so I can pick-up a cheque ChemClub owes me and then back to Cambridge for Brent's family party. We will be sleeping over there Sat night. Ajae will drive me back to Mississauga and I will be out with Leah for the afternoon/evening. He is driving to Sarnia for Sunday afternoon/evening. Sometime Monday he'll pick me up and we will be driving to Ottawa. If anyone would like a lift between Sarnia and Ottawa and wouldn't mind chipping in for the cost of the car, please leave a message here, or on facebook.

We bought Matt and Angela's wedding present last weekend too! I hope they like it. If not they can give it back, because I want one!

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*Holding a Corona bucket* "I has a bukit!"   
03:45pm 25/07/2008
mood: Paid!
So today has been good... but first yesterday so that today makes sense.

I finally bit the bullet and went to Kingston yesterday to look at apartments. I was looking at 3 buildings all with the same company.

Took the train in... was very early to the train station because I misread the time the train left at... waited 1.5 hours in the station + 2 hour train trip.

Because of the Wednesday screw-up with my paycheque, Ajae lent me $800 to use for the deposit. When I got to Kingston I took a bus to the bank and deposited it. Then walked to my favourite used bookstore. A little while later I proceed to the first of the three apartments. Landlady isn't in and I'm early so I go read my book at a park bench. 15 minutes later its actually the appointment time so I buzz her again. She's in but won't show the apartment because the tenants have been giving her problems... how this is punishment for them I don' know.

Second place I'm early (because I can't see the first place) so I have to wait a bit to see the apartment. It's small... and the balcony can probably have two people on it both standing.

Go for lunch at Wendy's then over to the rental office to fill out the application, find out who the rental cheque should be made out to and the price of the first place, to help me make my decision. Turns out second landlady showed me the wrong apartment, but the apartment she should have shown me is no longer available anyways. There is another 1 bedroom available in that building but not till Oct 1st.

So I go see the third place, a 2 bedroom instead of 1. It's much nicer, bigger, beautiful view, and I like the idea of having a guest room/office for visitors. It's only $35 more a month than what Ajae's paying.

So I head back to the rental office (its just after 2) and she explains the problem with it. The current tenant moved in begining of July and now wants out due to personal reasons. So she's put in her notice to vacate for 1st of Oct... which does me no good. I'm having a 'why did you show me it then?' moment. The housing lady knows that current tenant wants out badly though so says they will contact her and ask her if she will change her notice to vacate. But she won't be home from work till 5:30.

So I went to the bank to get the money order done up... spent an hour in Tim Horton's... went to my other favourite used bookstore, Giant Tiger, the dollar store and Canadian Tire to kill time. Finally I head back. CT has signed the new NtV and I put in my deposit... then I talk to Ajae who says I missed train... the next one is at 8:12.

So I go to the Panda Garden for a dinner... (Chinese buffet) where I never get a knife or fork (I took them off the table next to mine) and where I don't get the water I asked for till I am eating dessert.

It's 7 now so I head off to the bus and get to the train station at 7:15... I wait an hour... then another 1/2 hour cause that's how late the train is running. Get in to Fallowfield at 10:35, meet Ajae at Baseline at head home.

So today was the co-op student's birthday (the one for the lab Ajae works in) so we all went to Jack Astor's for lunch. Which involved Corona and some silly conversation about housing since one of the guys just bought a new condo, and I was telling them about yesterday.

Also, after some intial problems we found out where my paycheque had disappeared to... turns out they delivered it to my mailbox instead of to the woman who hands them out (you are supposed to sign for them). Also Coral found the address for one of my old houses so my passport papers are ready to go! (My mom is coming up this weekend and being my guarentor so they needed to be all set before I leave the printer at work.

I phoned about the apartment, but they said to call back Tuesday morning, but that everything was in order a credit check just had to be done.

I've been paid for 3.5 weeks work, I am feeling very flush now... like I can afford some new shoes and clothes.

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"The lemons enacted their revenge!"   
02:38pm 23/07/2008
mood: stressed
Okay so stressy moment;

Tomorrow I am going to Kingston to look at apartments. I booked this at 2:20ish. The government owes me three days off, due to some screw-ups with my contract (ie when I started vs when it says I started) so I go down and tell my boss I need the day off (2:25ish), he reminds me on Monday that I will be presenting my work at 8:30am in Conference Room on second floor. I then come upstairs and tell Ajae I need to go buy a train ticket tonight at Fallowfield for tomorrow, (2:28ish).

That reminds me that I need moneys... and I ask Ajae who would they have sent my paycheque to for pick-up. Turns out... my boss' Admin Assistant. So I go back down and talk to her. Paycheque isn't here... probably won't be till tomorrow.

Not a big deal except: I need a money order to put down the deposit (last month's rent) on the apartment, tomorrow. I have 250 dollars in one bank account and about 1000 in the other. Except I can't get a money order for the second... only for the first... where there isn't enough money. If I was getting paid today I could deposit the cheque and it would clear right away (it's a government cheque) but I'm not.

So instead I'm getting cash from a person who has money and depositing that with the teller at the CIBC tomorrow morning when I arrive in Kingston. Then getting the money order later once I pick the apartment. So life is okay.

Except then I remember that the bus doesn't get to work till 8:40am... which means on Monday I have to take the early bus. Which isn't a problem... except that I have to remember to do it. Which requires realizing I have to do it.

Also I forgot to take meat out of the freezer for dinner tonight... good thing pork chops can be cooked fast.

Good thing there is chocolate on my desk.

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"Firing guns on a boat-dumb, lobing grenades on a boat-stupid, but firing missiles at the walls?"   
11:25am 16/07/2008
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So I guess I'm long overdue for an update... seeing as livejournal tells me its been 17 weeks. So here's what's going on.

Finished school: Thank goodness!

Went to Sky and Kevin's wedding: Had a fantabulous time! Forgot camera so you have to snoop on facebook to find photos that others took. Algonquin is beautiful... saw a coyote and a moose with baby, canoed, etc.

Went to Amanda and Trevor's wedding: Had a fantabulous time! Remembered camera... photos can be found on facebook... ask if you want the link. Happened to get present that worked perfectly with the wedding cake toppers. Saw old friends and was throughly amused at how much people change and yet remain the same.

Didn't go to England... but did do manymany interviews: Of six interviews was rejected twice, turned down one second interview, turned down two job offers, and landed the job at Novelis... where starting in September I will be paid alot of money to learn everything there is to know about the process of rolling aluminum. Also how to spell aluminum properly the first time. I will be in Kingston for 18 months then either fired, sent to a plant somewhere in Canada, USofA, Brazil, Korea, or Europe, or kept at the research center in Kingston.

Convocationed June 11th: Nice to see everyone, have dinner with Mom and Dad, party at Matt's (to which I did not bring a camera), and moved out of Waterloo the next day. Went to Ajae's on the 12th (with a brief stop in Mississauga (4 hours in the car). Then left early in the morning on the 13th for Ottawa with all Ajae's crap... I mean stuff.

Was left in Ottawa (to unpack) while Ajae drove back to Arkona to return his parent's car and trailer, he was driven back on Sunday by his grandparents who visited with us till Wednesday night (they had their own hotel)

Been to the War museum, the AGO (with Aunt Martha + Ajae) saw the 1930s and Inuit + Aboriginal Dutch, Finnish, and Norwegian exhibit, hung out with Aunt Martha the weekend Ajae's parents were down for Bluesfest and we wallked 5k in Gatineau park (Pink Lake + Mackenzie King waterfall trail + other little walks around the Mackenzie King estate). Sat outside Lebreton Flats last Friday and listened to Great Big Sea, danced a little, sang alot... thanks Vinay I know too many words to their music! They sang General Taylor... but not Captain Wedderburn... so then I looked up those when I got home.. couldn't remember all the words to Helmet Head either... which is sad considering how much we listened to it. also did the Ikea trip and Ajae carried a bookcase home on the bus.

Doing the reading thing again if anyone would like to suggest books please feel free! Either here or on facebook... reviews will be on facebook in the visual bookshelf application.

Currently working for Natural Resources from July 2 - Aug 26 as a Task Hazard Analysis form creator...then I get to run around and fill out the form for as many tasks as possible. Currently still programing the form so you enter the controlled substance it tells you was Hazard classes it falls under... only about 175 more substances to look up. (I'm using the list of chemicals known to be on the complex). It's a little boring right now... since the form hasn't been approved yet and I'm essentially searching Sigma Aldrich for a chemical and recording its class in an Excel spreadsheet.

Itinerary for upcoming weekends:
July 18th-21st: Nothing yet... maybe shopping or Aunt Martha
July 25th-27th: Mom is coming on the 26th for the afternoon and dinner before she and my aunt go on vacation. Brent and Heather maybe visiting but haven't confirmed yet.
Aug 1st-4th: Home to Mississauga on Friday night probably, then to Cambridge on Sat for Brent's party. Back in Missauga on Sunday I think then Ottawa on Monday probably. Confirmed party going... but I'm unsure about travel times. Leah if you can I'd love to see you Sunday afternoon/evening.
Aug 8th-10th: Nothing I know about.
Aug 15th-17th: Home to Mississauga on the 15th... Matt and Angela's wedding on the 16th, returning to Ottawa on the Sunday... Leah I don't know when we'll be back on Friday or leaving Sunday but if we can get together let's!
Aug 22nd-24th: Nothing I know about... possibly kite flying! or something
Aug 29th-30th: Opal goes back to Mississauga coordinates movement of her stuff from Mississauga to Kingston. Aunt Sara and Uncle Barry will be heading up later in the week (probably) with breakable stuff... and Aunt Martha will be bringing stuff from Ottawa for me probably the weekend of Sept 6th... I will be verry busy that weekend but would like to see who I can in Mississauga (Leah?) possibly a facebook event page will appear...

Sometime in mid-September I will be home for my grandparents 60th wedding anniversery party. Not sure when that is... but I will get to meet some of my cousins for the first time so I'm looking forward to it! (Actually one cousin I will be meeting her and her new son for the first at the same time!)

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02:44am 27/02/2008
  I made $15 today tutoring. Now I want to go book shopping. Never mind that I still have a rediculous number of books to read from Christmas + New Year's. Bad Opal's mind....

Why does ChemClub have way too much money? How did this happen?

Does the Dana Porter have fiction I can sign out?

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